Breathe Easier With One of These 5 Best Humidifiers - According to Reviews and Buying Guide
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By Joey | 01 August 2020 | 0 Comments

Breathe Easier With One of These 5 Best Humidifiers - According to Reviews and Buying Guide

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Breathe Easier With One of These 5 Best Humidifiers - According to Reviews and Buying Guide

Many people live without humidifiers in their home and offices. Should this be the case? No. In fact, due to humidifiers health benefits, doctors and other medical experts highly recommend everybody to have one-and mostly in their houses.
Diseases associated with the respiratory system are majorly caused by dry hair and other allergens. To reduce asthma or chronic runny nose, a good humidifier is necessary.

In this guide, we’ll discuss:
  1. Why you need a humidifier,
  2. How to choose a humidifier that suits you,
  3. The best humidifiers people are searching for today.
Why do you need a Humidifier?
Before you make the decision to buy a humidifier and select the best for your home, you must understand why do you need a humidifier.
Why is this question necessary? Humidifiers have different features and operate under different principle. For example, a cool mist humidifier best suits homes with children and pets while a warm mist humidifier will warm your room at night.
Here is why you need a humidifier:
  1. To moisturize dry air
Do you know dry hair may be the cause of the viral colds and flu you’ve been experiencing? According to a research paper (2013), low relative humidity levels render influencer virus inactive. Once you buy a humidifier, set it at ³43% (30-50%) and you’ll reduce the rate of flu virus infection.
Dry air also leads to:
  1. Scratchy throat and nose irritation
  2. Sinus congestion
  3. Cracked cough
  4. Dry cough
  1. To suppress Asthma and allergic triggers
Too high or low humidity levels are known to escalate asthma attacks. Control of the allergy flare-ups is also more difficulty in such environments. Even though indoor air is always the best, it’s a bit harder to control the humidity level at night. That’s why you need a humidifier at night.
  1. To prevent snoring
Snoring is caused by dry air that results in constricted airways and production of mucus. To solve this problem, you are advised to buy a humidifier to keep the air moisturized.
Other benefits of a humidifier for your home include:
  1. Warming your home – During cold winter months, a humidifier can be used to raise your room temperature. Increase the humidity in your house and it will become warmer.
  2. Reducing static electricity – There are instances you may experience some spark-like sound when touching pets or certain fabrics. This is usually caused by dry air. To reduce these static charges, use a humidifier to keep the air a little moist.

How to choosing the right humidifier
Every humidifier has its specifications. We are not going to factor their different prices. For sure, it hooks many buyers first. If you really want a humidifier that will serve your intentions, it’s prudent you rely on their features, design style and your space.
Step 1:  To choose the right humidifier, it’s good you consider the style first. The two styles are Standalone humidifiers and HVAC/Ducted Humidifiers. The Standalone are suitable for both small and large rooms. You can plug them in your socket and place on a table.
If you have a home cooling and heating system, the HVAC/Ducted Humidifiers will be a better choice.
Step 2: Consider type of the humidifier- There are different types of humidifiers. They include Central humidifiers, Evaporators, Steam evaporators, Ultrasonic humidifiers and Impeller humidifiers.
Step 3: Features - Now that you’ve considered the style and type, read all the features to know whether it’s suitable for your baby or not. Other important features to consider are UV Germicidal light, indicator lights, variable speeds and demineralization cartridge among others.
Step 4:  Size of your space – Humidifier sizes are classified into three. The small size suits a space of 300 square feet, the medium size will best serve a 399 - 499 square feet room while the large size is designed for 500+ feet spaces. What’s your room size?

Which is the best humidifier to buy
 The below humidifiers are worth buying. The biggest challenge now is- which is the best?                 
Product Name Play-Time Water Tank Capacity Recommended Room Size
Proscenic 808  30 Hours 5.3L Medium & Large
vicks Starry Night  24 Hours 1 Gallon Small/Medium & Large
Honeywell HCM350W   24 Hours 4.1L Medium
pursteam   20 Hours 4.0L Medium
Pallas Humidifier   20 Hours 5.0L Small
  1. Proscenic 808 
One of the greatest problems with humidifiers is being burned when the water tank is empty. This isn’t the case with Proscenic 808C humidifier. It has an auto-shut off feature that enables it to automatically stop immediately the water tank is empty. The 5.3L water tank -probably the biggest- is big enough to moisturize your room for 30 hours.
Even though it best suited for large rooms, you can also use it in a medium sized room. Using the control app, set your humidity and temperature values and it will switch itself off once the values are reached.
What’s more fun, you can use the Amazon Alexa and the Proscenic 808C voice command feature to tell it when to start and stop.  Do you have a baby in the house?  Then tap the Baby mode and this device will add moisture and fresh air for better sleep. No matter how big the room is, the 360° spray nozzle will ensure every corner is moisturized and temperature unified.
  1. Vicks Starry Night Humidifier       
Vicks Humidifier is suitable for both babies and grown-ups. The beautifully produced stars showing on the ceiling will make your baby sleep in a few minutes. Taking cognizance of childrens vulnerability to infections, this humidifier has antimicrobial filter. Any infectious bacteria mold or algae are killed before emission. Whether you are in a small, medium or large room, Vicks will fill it with fresh moisturized hair. The filter also does eliminate pollutants and other mineral components in the water.
Besides producing moist hair, you can add menthol to produce more soothing moisture. The 1 gallon capacity tank is designed to keep this moist humidifier running for 24 hours. To vary the humidity levels, you have to manually adjust the switches. Anybody in your family can operate this appliance with ease.
  1. Honeywell HCM350W    
Honeywell is a cool mist humidifier and uses the UV technology to kill the bacteria in water. The filter is treated with Protec antimicrobial to further ensure every bacterial is killed. It’s easy to clean, fill and operate. Give the strength of this humidifier; you can best use it in a medium sized room.
For it serve you for a whole day and night, fill the 4.1 break resistant gallon tank with fresh water and run it on a low speed mode.
Honeywell humidifier is developed with childrens at heart. It’s a quiet appliance and is easy to balance both the moisture and temperature.
  1. PurSteam
This humidifier has the potential to keep your medium size office or bedroom moisturized for 20 hours non-stop. What you need is to fill the 4L tank with clean fresh water and use the control knob to set the humidity level. It’s great for the entire family.
Does unpleasant odor cause allergy flare-ups? PurSteam has a carbon filter that absorbs the bad smell living your room filled with fresh moistened air. To prevent it from burning up, it has an automatic shut-off in case you don’t see the low water indicator. For maximum safety and protection, this humidifier prides itself in its inner core overload protection and a drainage hole- to drain water and prevent shock.
For more cleaner, fresher and soothing air, you can add essential oils to the water. To direct the emitted moist air to any side of your choice, you only need to turn manually the 360 mist outlet. It’s an easy to use humidifier. Again, it has a large opening for faster refilling.
  1. Pallas                 
This is a perfect example of an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier’s that can be used in baby’s bedroom and other small sized spaces- preferably 300 square feet and below. It has a large water tank (5L) that can emit fresh air for at least 20 hours. The manually operated control knob makes it the simplest humidifier to use.
Expect a deep sleep once you buy this humidifier because it runs quietly and the moist air will make your breathing easy. Pallas humidifier uses carbon cotton cartridge to filter all negative ions and microorganisms from the water thus making the emitted moisture safe and healthy.

Where to buy the best humidifier
If you want to buy a good humidifier, consider these two places:
  2. Amazon  
Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace where everybody is invited to sell his/her products. The biggest challenge when buying from Amazon is anybody can sell any product and thus you cannot trust the suppliers. Unless supplied by a credited manufacturer like Proscenic, you may find hard to buy
Proscenic an expert manufacturer and supplier of smart home appliances like robot vacuums, humidifiers and other products. As a renowned specialist, we highly recommend you buy from . The Proscenic 808C humidifier according to the highlighted features above has emerged as the best humidifier to buy. Click the link above and place your order today.
The internet is full of humidifiers being sold online. To save your cash, you should read this humidifier buying guide carefully. Try choosing a humidifier that can run for long hours after a full refill. Now that people are becoming extra busy- you included, the fully automatic Proscenic 808C will best serve you by using the voice command and Amazon Alexa.  


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