Best Vacuum for Pet Hair: Roomba 960, Proscenic m7 Pro
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By Proscenic | 25 July 2020 | 0 Comments

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair: Roomba 960, Proscenic m7 Pro

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Best Vacuum for Pet Hair: Roomba 960, Proscenic m7 Pro

Your love and passion for pets should not be limited because you can’t be able to clean their houses or your house if you live with pets. Pet hair cleaning is a tough exercise and cannot be achieved manually without the assistance of a special vacuum. Pet hair requires a special vacuum that cannot easily get entangled while in operation. Although there are numerous vacuums in the market, not all of them can fit in pet hair vacuuming. With this regard, you need a thorough analysis before deciding to invest in a certain vacuum.

For better results in pet hair cleaning, there are special basic features that you should look at. They include:
Type of Brush Rolls- pet hair can easily get twisted on your vacuums cleaner and may break it. You should be careful to choose a tangle-free brush roll vacuum cleaner to overcome this mess.
Easy-to-Empty Dustbin- pet hair is characterized by its ability to stick on surfaces it gets in contact with. The dustbin of the vacuum cleaner that you buy should be easy to empty and clean to avoid the accumulation of stuck pet hair.
Effective Suction Power- make sure you go for a vacuum cleaner that comes with high suction power. The suction power is a basic feature that determines how best a vacuum will pick pet hair. If possible, go for a vacuum with varying suction power.
In this guide we shall discuss:
  • Best handheld Vacuum for pets
  • Best robot vacuum for carpet and pet hair
  • Best bagged vacuum for pet hair
  • What vacuum picks up dog hair the best
  • How to control dog hair in the house

Best Handheld Vacuum for Pets

The handheld vacuum cleaners help in cleaning tiny places that other vacuums cannot easily reach. The handheld vacuums are always made smaller in size for easy portability and maneuverability.
Our research ranked the following handheld vacuum as the best;
Bissel Pet Hair Eraser
Bissel Pet Hair Eraser is best known for its cheap cost but with amazing features that qualify it for pet hair cleaning.
With its motorized roller brush, it means that you will invest little energy to get rid of pet air off your carpet and furniture. Apart from the roller brush, Bissel Pet Hair Eraser comes with an additional upholstery brush.
Bissel Pet Hair Eraser also comes with two types of nozzles i.e., Rubber nozzle that aids in attracting pet hair and removing dirt from fabric and stairways while the Suction Nozzle aids in picking up dry dirt like cat litter and the dog food.
The only with Bissel Pet Hair Eraser is its battery that lasts only 15 minutes, but its compensated with its lower price and how best it deals with pet hair.

Best Vacuum for Carpet and Pet Hair:

The main shortcoming for some vacuum cleaners is that they cannot multitask, which may not be convenient. Carpet and pet hair cleaning require a specialized vacuum with great suction power.
Here is the best choice vacuum for carpet and pet hair.
iRobot Roomba 960
When you hear about iRobot Roomba 960, think of a vacuum with more power that translates to better clean. It offers suction power that translates to 5X air power.
iRobot Roomba 960 is suitable for both carpet and pet hair cleaning. Using the 3-stage cleaning system, you can easily deal with the dirt and pet hair in your house. Because of the health issues associated with unfiltered air, the 3-stage cleaning system also has an efficiency filter that traps almost 99% of pet’s allergens. Although you are allergic and a pet owner, iRobot Roomba 960 has got you covered.
iRobot Roomba 960 fits to vacuum both carpeted and hard floors because of the included dual multi-surface brushes that are adjustable and flexible to maintain contact with the cleaning surface.
The main disadvantage associated with other vacuum cleaners is that they require that you operate them manually, but iRobot Roomba 960 is a different case. It is compatible with the iRobot HOME App that allows you to customize the cleaning exercise. Using this app, you can organize and schedule the cleaning activity from anywhere.

Best Bagged Vacuum for Pet Hair:

One of the main advantages associated with the use of bagged vacuum cleaners for dealing with pet hair is its ability to eliminate even the nasty dust. If you suffer from allergic reactions, then the bagged vacuum cleaners are more advantageous to you.
The following vacuum cleaner has been tested and proved to be the best-bagged vacuum cleaner for pet hair.
Miele Dynamic U1 Upright Vacuum
The main feature of Miele Dynamic U1 that makes it the best in dealing with pet hair is its exclusive ElectroBrush that is designed to adjust depending on the terrain of your floor. The automatic adjustment makes sure that there is constant suction power while cleaning your floor gently.
To make sure that it caters for you if you are allergic, Miele Dynamic U1 is fit with two levels of the filtration system. The combination of different filters serves to filter and do away with over 99.9% of allergens. The HEPA filter traps minute particles as less as 10 microns and traps pet odor. On the other side, the AirClean clean bag has the Miele Quick-seal flap that prevents any dust leakage.
The efficiency of the Miele Dynamic U1 is more achieved with the inclusion of two motors. One of the motors serves to produce suction power while the other serves to drive the ElectroBrush.
Miele Dynamic U1 also houses a number of features like the SwivelNeck steering, crevice tool, auto-adjust vacuum head, and bright LED headlights. These features all combine to make Miele Dynamic U1 the best-bagged vacuum cleaner for pets.  

What Vacuum Picks up Dog Hair the Best?

When we talk of pets, we cannot fail to list a dog as one of the pets. However, dogs shed a lot of furs that may be annoying to you as a pet owner. They do far become more hazardous if anyone in your household is allergic, something that can cause a lot of health issues.
When dealing with dog hair, its good that you get the best vacuum cleaner and here is one of the best;
Proscenic M7 Pro

Proscenic M7 Pro is a does not struggle when dealing with dog hair, a factor that has ranked it among the top scorers for dog hair pickup.  What especially impresses when you are using Proscenic M7 Pro is its high suction power. With a 2700Pa suction power, it means that Proscenic M7 Pro is able to vacuum all sizes of dog hair from microscopic to macroscopic.
Proscenic M7 Pro is slim enough to get below furniture to clear off the dog hair. The carpet recognition sensor makes Proscenic M7 Pro outstanding in getting lid of dog hair. The sensor is able to make a difference between the hard floor and carpets. On carpets, Proscenic M7 Pro automatically increases suction power to ensure that all dog hair trapped in the carpet is removed. On the other hand, while on a hard floor, it automatically reduces the suction power to save on battery and avoid scratching the floor.
You will also like the smart tank emptying feature. Here Proscenic M7 Pro automatically empties the dog hair from its dustbin; you don’t need to be there to do it manually. You will also love the long operation hours. Amazingly, Proscenic M7 Pro can work for about 150-200 continuous operating minutes. This feature makes it ideal if you have a big home or a large-sized dog house.

How do you Control Dog Hair in the House?

As a dog owner, you understand how frustrating the dog hair can be. You can vacuum, dust, and carry out all cleaning measures but be disturbed by dog hair. The best thing to do is to control the shedding of dog hair.
Employ the following criteria to control dog hair in your house;
Regular Glooming- although a dog is kept as a pet for fun, glooming is not fun at all. But, make sure you brush daily to prevents its hair from accumulating. You can also opt to seek the glooming services from a professional groomer.
Get the Right Filter- install the right filter that will make sure it filters the dog fur. To avoid much accumulation of filtered dog hair, make sure you replace the filter regularly, like after three months.
Control dog hair shedding- the best route to take in controlling the dog hair is to control the shedding. Much shedding of hair is usually associated with bad health. Make sure you give your dog a balanced diet to avoid much hair shedding.

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