Top 3 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners:Roomba 980 , Dyson vs Proscenic
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By Proscenic | 24 July 2020 | 0 Comments

Top 3 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners:Roomba 980 , Dyson vs Proscenic

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Top 3 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners
Many people consider cleaning their homes or places of work manually without the aid of any machine. But this has a disadvantage as manually cleaning wastes a lot of your time and may not offer thorough home cleaning. With the introduction of vacuum cleaners, you can now smile and have your home cleaned n a smart way.
The internet contains numerous robot vacuum cleaners, but not all can be best for your needs and effectiveness. In this article, we will have the top 3 best robot vacuum cleaners for your home or office cleaning.

What are the main criteria, and how do we test vacuum cleaners?

Our main criteria for testing the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner mainly depend on the nature of dirt the vacuum will handle. However, still, we have a multipurpose vacuum cleaner.
Here is how we test vacuum cleaners;
Cleaning Average Score
This criterion helps us gauge the percentage of dirt collection ability of a vacuum cleaner. Here, we weigh a certain amount of dust the spread it on different surfaces including carpeted floors, and hardwood floor in proportions. We then run different vacuum cleaners at a time the analyses the percentage of dust collected against the amount spread. The vacuum that picks the highest percentage of the spread dust emerges the best.
Pet Hair Removal Ability
We also do a test on the ability of a vacuum to deal with pet hair without it being entangled. We run this test by embedding pet hair on a carpet and then analysing the amount of pet hair that can be picked by that vacuum at a time. A vacuum cleaner that is able to pick pet hair from a carpeted floor can obviously pick pet hair from any other floor.
Edge and Corner Cleaning
In this criterion, we spread any form of dirt like sand on the floor towards the edges of the room. The sharp right-angled corner is used. We then observe how close the vacuum cleaner can get to the corner and its ability to pick dirt embedded in a corner. We then rate the vacuum as poor, OK, or good.
Noise Frequency
Here, we set the maximum power then analyse the number of decibels produced. This test majorly depends on the user’s location.
This is an important factor that you should put in mind when going for any vacuum cleaner. This test is done while the vacuum cleaner is in motion. We always determine the ability of a vacuum cleaner to navigate through a high traffic room without knocking your furniture. Manoeuvrability entirely depends on the sensors that a vacuum cleaner comes with.
After our expert analysis and testing,

Here are the best vacuum cleaners we can recommend for you:

Xiaomi Vacuum Vs. Roomba
Depending on your convenience, if you want to spend your earned cash on a vacuum cleaner, then it’s important for you to get the comparison of these two modern competitors for smart vacuum cleaners.

Here is how the Xiaomi robot Vacuums relate with the Roomba robot vacuums:

  1. The Xiaomi Robot vacuums have an LDS laser that it uses to scan the cleaning area, and with the LIDAR technology, it can work in the dark. In contrast, Roomba Robot vacuums use cameras that rely on lights.
  2. The Xiaomi vacuums use the Mi home app that lets you access the cleaning history, schedule the cleaning activity, switch between different cleaning modes, and navigate while the Roomba vacuum cleaners use iRobot home that only gives cleaning history.
  3. Roomba vacuums have the Dirt Detect technology that it can use to detect the areas that are highly concentrated with dirt, pet hair, and dust while the Xiaomi Vacuum cleaners don’t have it.
  4. All the Xiaomi Vacuum cleaners come with a suction power of 1800Pa while the Roomba vacuums come with a varying suction power ranging between 600-1700Pa depending on the Roomba series you buy.

Dyson V6 vs. Dyson V8
The Dyson V8 is just an upgrade of the Dyson V6 with superior features. Here is how they compare:
  • The Dyson V8 provides a suction power of 115AW while the Dyson V6 offers a suction power of 100AW.
  • In terms of operation hours, the Dyson V8 can run for 40 minutes continuously, whereas the Dyson V6 can only run for 20 minutes continuously depending on the type of floor you are vacuuming.
  • The Dyson V6 has a smaller dust bin of about 0.11 Gallons that makes if fill fast compared to the Dyson V8 with a bin capacity of 0.14 Gallons.
  • Both the Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner and Dyson V8 vacuum cleaners come with similar dusting tools, crevice tools, and the same pet hair mini-motorized vacuum.

Roomba 960 Vs. 980
Roomba 960 and 980 are both smart home vacuum cleaners developed by Roomba, one being an improvement of the other. They compare as follows;
· Both Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 are designed in the same size and shape. They are 13.8 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches tall.
· Both the Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 uses the Dirt Detect sensors that allow them to dwell on highly concentrated points on your floor.
· They both use the full bin indicator that makes you aware of when the dust bin is full as they perform their work. 
· The Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 allow you to operate them through an iRobot HOME App.
· They are both powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, but the battery for Roomba 960 survives for 75 working minutes after a full recharge, whereas that of Roomba 980 serves for 120 working minutes.
· Roomba 960 has a 3-stage cleaning system with a 5X AeroForce system while the Roomba 980 uses the same 3-Stage cleaning system but with a 10X AeroForce system.
· Roomba 980 comes with a bigger motor compared to that of Roomba 960, thus makes a lot of noise while in operation.

The Proscenic vacuum cleaners are the most cost-effective vacuum cleaners to spend your cash on. The Proscenic vacuum cleaners are many that you can choose from. You can decide to settle on the M6 Pro Vacuum cleaner, M7 Pro Vacuum cleaner, P10 Cordless vacuum cleaner, T21 Air Fryer, or T Robot Vacuum Cleaner all put forward by Proscenic.
The best example of the Proscenic vacuum cleaner is; 
Proscenic 800T Robot Vacuum Cleaner
This is one of the vacuum cleaners that is sold by us at ProscenicProscenic 800T Robot provides high performance with great intelligent features. Thanks to Proscenic for making it easy to run and operate by equipping it with the IPNAS 2.0 Intelligent Cleaning System to program the cleaning exercise.
The Proscenic 800T Robot offers you three best functions; it can sweep, vacuum, and mob. You will also love Proscenic 800T Robot because of its electric water tank that allows water flow control with different penetration speeds of Low, Moderate, and high, which controls water for mopping.
With 2000 Pa suction power, Proscenic 800T Robot can effectively pick dirt and pet air from your floor and carpet. Even with this high suction power, Proscenic 800T Robot operates quietly that you can be able to read your novel without any disturbances.
Many vacuum cleaners offer manual control, which is a great disadvantage, but thanks to the Proscenic 800T Robot as is comes with Alexa Voice control and APP Remote Control (ProscenicHome). This feature lets you control the vacuum, make a cleaning schedule, check the water seeping speed only through your Android or IOS phone.
Proscenic 800T Robot is a cost-effective robot vacuum cleaner that you can have.

There have been many expert analyses that have been done over time now basing on the performance features and customer reviews. The Roomba 980, Dyson V8, and Proscenic vacuum cleaners have emerged to be the three best vacuum cleaners in the market. Their up to date technological features and smart features have ranked them.
You can access the three best robot vacuum cleaners from ProscenicAt Proscenicwe have the best product description and buyer guides that will help you make a good analysis before buying a vacuum cleaner. Visit us today at Proscenic and purchase from us at discounted prices.


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