Dyson V7 vs Dyson V8, Which is Better?
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By Lauren Quan | 23 July 2020 | 0 Comments

Dyson V7 vs Dyson V8, Which is Better?

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                       Dyson V7 vs Dyson V8, Which is Better?
Are you worried about your carpets getting filled with uncalled dust and dirt? Are your new sofas losing their vibrance due to the filthy cobwebs or pet hair? Are your precious little children allergic to the dust particles hidden under covers? No need to fret over these petty issues now. Dyson vacuum cleaner is perfect for you.

Dyson- a vision that has sprouted from one idea to a high-tech company. Established by James Dyson, the company deals in solar panels, ground source heat pumps, bagless vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, hand dryers, etc. It is a team of ingenious design engineers with amazing ideas and man-power who have joined hands to provide topnotch design solutions for all your technical problems.

Having built a name as the engineering icon, James has reliably discovered motivation from surprising sources. He has done remarkable work in his field and is still on the path to achieve more heights. Moreover, he revealed his most recent excellence item: a hair curler that works on the laws of aviation science to treat your hair, without burning the lustrous curls. Dyson vacuum cleaners utilize centrifugal power to isolate dust particles from heavier grime to eradicate the requirement for a sifted vacuum sack.
Having said that, let's take a look at the Dyson V7 and Dyson V8 Cordless Stick Vacuums and decide which one is better to use at home.

Dyson V7
With Dyson V7, vacuuming has become an easy job, with no more wire hassle or hefting heavyweight. It works exceptionally great on thick floor coverings with mighty suction power. Available in two different models i.e. Dyson V7 Absolute and Dyson V7 Motorhead, these products are winning the hearts of distressed parents and pet owners. These ultra-light vacuum cleaners have an astounding brush bar power, can be transformed into a handheld vacuum for deep cleansing at any time.


Suction Power
If tuned into the powerful suction mode, it can make the 15 tiny cyclones generate forces to suck and toss dust particles into the bin. It can suck microscopic grime particles as tiny as 0.3 micros- almost 100 times tinier than a thickness of human hair.
Digital Motor
The motor accelerates at the speed of 107,000rpm which is considered to be 5 times speedier than a Formula One Car engine. It successfully produces 100 Air Watts brush bar power to comb out the lints, threads, and hair from your carpets.
This innovative yet versatile gadget can be purchased at the price of $349.99.
Battery Life
A combination of nickel, cobalt and magnesium battery which is rechargeable and retuned to power up the vacuum for 30 mins without any lack of efficiency.
It has an ultra-slim, compact structure, which can be transformed any time from stick vacuum to handheld vacuum. Its bin holds a capacity of 0.14 gallons.
It is ideal if you need to work on narrow gaps or between furniture.

Dyson V8
No need to worry about all the debris lying around your heavy-weight carpets, floor covering, or those luxurious hand-knotted rugs as Dyson V8 is sufficient to clean the mess up with incredible efficiency. When in a non-motorized mode, it can deliver up to 40 minutes run time, to pick 99.99% microscopic dust particles. It is a relative quitter gadget, with a built-in technology around the meter to moderate noise turmoil.

Suction Power
The 15 small cyclones produce mighty power to suck and lob debris into the dust bin. It possesses the ability to collect microscopic elements from hidden corners.
Digital Motor
Spinning at the uncontrollable speed of 107,000rpm which equals to speed approximately 5 times faster than the Formula One engine vehicle, it engenders 115 Air Watt power suction. This enables the vacuum to clean high traffic areas of dirt as well.
It is easily available at all electronic shops and can also be ordered online at a price of $499.
Battery Life
The six-cell battery is built with NCA. The NCA cathode offers high force volume with a capacity to store a high charge for each unit volume and to release this vitality rapidly. Which gives the Dyson V8 vacuum, up to 40 minutes of efficient force.
An ultramodern, lightweight body, which possesses the ability to be converted from stick vacuum to handheld vacuum in a single click, with a bin capacity of 0.14 gallons.
It works best on heavy carpets or hard floors.
Products Dyson V7 Absolute Dyson V8
Suction Powerful Suction 20% more mighty suction than V7
Run Time Up to 30 mins Up to 40 mins
Mode Powerful Suction Mode, Max Mode Powerful Suction Mode, Max Mode
Weight 5.3 Pounds 2.75 Pounds
Extra Accessories 2 4
Batteries 3500mAh 21.6V Battery 4500mAh 21.6V Battery
Price $349.99 $499
While purchasing a Dyson Vacuum stick it's essential to choose the right variation. As the model variation holds more importance than the model. There are three model variations offered by the company, Motorhead, Animal and Absolute. Comparatively, all the variations give the best results but still, there is always an option that leads over others.

The packaging consists of two accessories- combination tool and crevice, which aid in cleaning the carpets vigorously. This is the basic level variation thus it's cheaper as well.
Being the mediocre level variation, the package includes a mini motorized head along with the basic accessories. Another change, would be the use of Torque head instead of Motorhead which happens to work in better ways. This variation is though priced $100 more than the normal variation but it's appropriate to clean stairs.
Rightly priced to be the most expensive variation, this premium vacuum comes with the normal accessories along with rollers. It possesses a Soft Roller Cleaner Head to perfect to clean the hard surface floors.
After a thorough search and experience to select Dyson V7 vs Dyson V8, I have concluded that Dyson V8 Absolute can be considered as a better option. The reasons being- less noise pollution, ideal for cleaning carpets, stairs and hard floors, thirdly it has an extensive run time.

Pros of Proscenic P10
If you are looking for a cheaper option with the same astounding features then go for Proscenic P10. It has some additional aspects, more accessories and works competently with a turbo motor. It’s cordless structure functions in collecting all the tiny dust particles, threads, or pet hair from all the narrow gaps. Moreover its energy efficient. It has a trash capacity of 1.65 gallons which is more than the traditional vacuums.

Digital Display
The LED digital display has the battery level, multiple suction modes and error codes touch icons on it. Without the hassle of fixing these things in different areas, they all are present together on a single touch screen. The user can choose from four different suction modes.
Turbo Motor
The Turbo 3.0 engine is high power which spins at the speed of 110,000rpm and it delivers forceful suction of 22000Pa, which effectively pulls micro-objects out of your furniture and carpets. For lesser force, the suction can be reduced to 6500 Pa.
Rotatable Head
This cordless vacuum possesses a supple and rotatable floor brush head. This feature enables the vacuum to spin 90 degrees on the front and 180 degrees on both sides.this makes cleaning tough spots more accessible and easy.
Battery Life
The device is operated by a 2200mA LG Lithium-ion battery to deliver uninterrupted suction up to 45 minutes. There are two suction speeds for this vacuum. Max mode works 25 minutes, the low-speed mode labors for 40 minutes.
Washable Parts
The best part is all the loose parts of the vacuum stick are easily detachable and can be washed. This enhances the efficiency of the vacuum. Even the trash bin can be emptied of all the debris by using the release button.
In the long run, if your vacuum is used on a daily basis then you should opt for Proscenic P10. After a tremendous personal experience and amazing customer reviews, it is gathered that its durable, reliable and works effectively and competently. You can buy
Proscenic P10 easily on its official store at a discounted price.


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