Top 5 Shark Robot Vacuum
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By Lauren Quan | 20 July 2020 | 0 Comments

Top 5 Shark Robot Vacuum

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                      Top 5 Shark Robot Vacuum of 2020
The shark vacuum robots are known for their high performance and reliability. According to market surveys and consumer reports, it stands to be one of the best vacuuming brands in the market. The shark robots are well integrated with the technology to give you a smart, quick, and effective cleaning of your space. If you are looking for high performance, reliability, and a smart vacuum, you might want to consider a Sharks robot vacuum.

1. Shark IQ Robot RV1001

Are you looking for a highly rated and affordable vacuum robot capable of picking up big and small dirt particles from the hard floor or the carpet, the RV1001 is perfect for the job. If you have four-legged friends, you will not be worried about cleaning up their hair. The robot has a strong suction to pick all the dirt and pet hair up from the floor.
An impressive feature you will come across in Shark IQ robots is the smart technology. The robot has a Sharkclean app as well as voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It allows you to schedule the entire house cleaning, targeting specific areas where you want it to vacuum. Additionally, the robot allows your home's total mapping using Room Select maps to clean up rooms or specific areas.
It methodically vacuums row by row to cover the whole mapped area room by room. The self-cleaning brush roll gets rid of long and pet hair to avoid hair wrap so that you do not have to do it manually.

2. Shark IQ Robot Self Empty Vacuum UR1005AE with Self-Empty Base
The shark IQ UR1005AE is a combination of intelligence, reliability, and high performance. The robot allows you to schedule cleaning sessions conveniently by mapping out the specific areas where you want the cleaning to occur. It has a cleaning app and voice control with Alexa and Google's assistant. You can map out all the rooms to direct it to the areas to clean. It vacuums the floor, both carpeted and hard floors, row by row. It cleans room after room for a thorough and full house coverage. 
The robot comes with two extra side brushes and an extra filter. It has powerful suction to collect both small and large debris and dust. The self-cleaning brush roll removes pet and long hair from the carpet and hard floor. 
One of the best features of this robot is its smart technology. It is Wi-Fi enabled, which allows you to schedule a cleaning session using your smartphone or the voice control using Alexa or Google Assistant. 
It has dual–brush edge and corner cleaning side brushes that pull dirt from the corners and edges of your room for a perfect cleaning. Another impressive feature of this robot is that it can hold the dirt for up to 30 days. It has a bag-free self-emptying base. You will not have to worry about cleaning the robot; it has a self-cleaning brush roll for removing pet hair from the brush roll. The robot runs on a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. 
Other vacuum robots with a self-empty base you might want to consider are:
  • Proscenic M7 Pro
  • iRobot V7+
  • iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum
  • ECOVACS D79 Robotics Deebot
3. Shark ION Robot Vacuum R85
R85 is a high-performance vacuum with powerful suction, especially for picking up the pet hair. It perfectly cleans up both the carpet and the hard floor. It has an XL dustbin that allows you to clean up the house with little interruptions of emptying it.
For smart cleaning of your home, R85 has a Shark cleaning app and voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant. You will receive continuous updates; create a cleaning schedule even if you are not around. The robot has a smart sensor navigation 2.0 that helps it move around the house without bumping onto the obstacles and objects around the house for complete and thorough cleaning.
Like other Shark vacuums, R85 is also equipped with a self-cleaning brush roll, a combination of dual edge and corner brushes for removing dust, hair, and allergens to prevent a buildup.
The R85 robot comes with two side brushes, one filter, one charging dock, one lithium-ion battery, and one 8 foot botboundary strip.

4. Shark ION Robot 750
There is no much difference with Shark ION 750 from other Shark vacuums in this series. The robot has a powerful suction and tri-brush system, enabling it to pick small and large debris from the carpet and floor. The powerful suction pulls the dirt, pet hair, and debris from the hard to reach corners and edges for a thorough cleaning. 
Another impressive feature of this vacuum robot is you can easily and quickly schedule a cleaning session from anywhere. It has a Shark clean app and voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.
Another smart feature of this robot is that you can easily integrate it in your home to avoid smooth cleaning objects. It has proximity sensors that enable it to avoid collisions and getting stuck. Thanks to its slim profile, it easily gets through tight and areas and under the furniture. The battery can support cleaning for up to 90 minutes, ensuring to cover a wide area.

5. Shark ION Robot RV720
The RV720 is the perfect robot for everyday cleaning of your living space. It automatically picks up dust, pet hair, large and small-sized debris from your carpet, hard floor, corners, and edges.
It has a low profile design, which allows it to sleekly move under objects easily for a full and thorough cleaning of your home.
The cleaning robot has smart sensors for accessing surroundings around the house, the floors, and carpets and to adapt to these obstacles for easy navigation.
Another common feature of Shark robots is the self-cleaning brush roll, which gets rid of the dust, hair, and dander to prevent a buildup. The dual side brushes clean off the dirt, dust, and pet hair hard to reach areas such as corners, under the furniture, and edges.
The dust bin's capacity for this robot is 0.45 quarts, which means it clean up a large area without emptying distractions. Additionally, the dustbin is easy to detach from the side for a mess-free and quick emptying. It comes with an easy to use remote to create a recurring cleaning schedule and easy control of the robot.
It comes with a long-lasting Lithium-ion battery providing over an hour of cleaning time. It automatically moves to its charging dock.

The Pros of Proscenic Vacuum Cleaners
If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is efficient in picking up the dirt, pet hair, and debris off your floors and carpet, you might consider the proscenic vacuum cleaners. The robots are cordless and will leave your floors sparkling clean.
1. Proscenic M7 Pro LDS Smart Robot Vacuum 
The robot has a suctioning power of 2,600pa, powerful for sucking up pet hair, and large-sized debris from the floor. The M7 has basic water, which can be used for mopping the floors.
The M7 has an IPNAS 3.0 system and 24 laser sensors, enabling it to map your entire house for easy and quick cleaning intelligently. The sensors enable it to avoid colliding with the objects around the house when cleaning.
2. Proscenic M6 PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner
The M6 Pro is an intelligent, cost-effective vacuum robot equipped with LDS 360°. Cleaning with this robot is quick, efficient, and smart.
In addition to vacuuming the floor, the M7 also mops the floor. The dual-task robot has an electric water tank that allows it to clean a wide area.
You can navigate the robot using voice controls with Alexa or Google Assistant. It has 15 laser sensors which help in mapping of the house for a thorough cleaning. It also enables it to avoid objects and sense stairs to avoid falling.
3. Proscenic 830T
The Proscenic 830T is equipped IPANS 2.0 intelligent cleaning system. You can remotely navigate it using Amazon Alexa's voice control. The mobile app control enables the user to plan and monitor the cleaning process. In addition to vacuuming the floor, it has an electric 350 ml water tank for mopping the floor. 
Other features of the Proscenic 830T are:
  • 1.5 cm climbing ability
  • Compact and sleek design for easy cleaning on squeezed areas
  • A virtual magnetic block which keeps the robot from accessing the restricted areas.
  • Anti-falling sensors
4. Proscenic 820S Robot Vacuum Cleaner
The 820S robot has powerful suction on three modes. You can suck per hair, dust, and dirt from the floor in the normal mode, and the max mode if for picking up larger wastes on the floor.
The robot utilizes Vboost technology for detecting a switch between the hard floor and the carpet for maximized suction for cleaning the carpet.
Another feature of this robot is the anti-drop and collision sensors. The infrared anti-collision sensor keeps the robot from colliding with objects around the house as it cleans. The anti-fall sensor enables it to detect the stairs and steps to avoid falling.
You can control the robot using the voice commands such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It has a 600 ml dustbin, which means you can avoid distractions of emptying the bin while cleaning.


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